Presenting the All-Inclusive ONLINE expert training that will...

Provide you the Tested Framework to become a licensed HypnoFasting Expert

Based on.. . Scientifically Proven intermittent fasting and DIRECT HYPNOSIS COMBINATION to reduce WEIGHT LOSS…

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The purpose to make this ONLINE training session available to Hypnotherapists all around the world is to provide them with scores of working approaches…

…So, they no longer rely on a few approaches and give their clients an experience that truly resonates with them and helps them achieve their goals…

Oh, and sit tight through the page because the concepts and approaches I’ll teach you are Proven approaches that have worked for many of my clients over the span of 10 years…

We are in no doubt that once you have learned these approaches, you’ll become a master hypnotherapist or as we call it a HypnoFasting Expert…

But before you learn about what’s inside the program…

Let me introduce myself,

Hey! Rob Here…

My name is Rob De Groof and I am a award winning trainer and one of Europe’s leading hypnotists…

…And the owner of the highly successful in Belgium where I’m working together with 8 hypnotherapists in 3 different cities.

I have been helping people lose weight for over 10 years with great success.

As the founder of the European Hypnosis Academy I trained hundreds of hypnotherapists all over the world.

Trainer of the Year 2022
Awarded at the Global Hypnotherapy Summit

Let me tell you why I’ve developed this program…

When I started practicing as a Hypnotherapist, I only used direct hypnosis to address weight issues…

I was successful and gathered exceptional testimonials.

So, things were going sleek and my clients were getting results. But it was only when I added the Virtual Gastric Band program as one of the options for weight loss that my hypnotherapy business grew to what it is now. I realized that, especially for weight-loss you need multiple options to be sure you can help every type of client.

Having great success with the two approaches we already are offering I wanted to lose some weight myself

…and at the same time, I was intrigued by the idea of fasting for weight loss.

I searched for the ways to somehow integrate direct hypnosis and fasting to produce fast and long-lasting results for myself, and later for my clients…

I was intrigued by the scientifically proven intermittent fasting method for weight loss.

I knew that this method was something I needed, in combination with the direct hypnosis, to strike a chord and solve weight issues for myself and for my clients.

When I combined these techniques, I got exceptional, speedy results and I realized that it was something that could help change a lot of lives…

Then I applied those integrated techniques on my clients and they also started getting remarkable results.

This is exactly what you could achieve after going through this live & online training and when you join our team of HypnoFasting Experts.

But before I touch more on this… Let me tell you,

WHY I Made this COMBO?

The reason is that these two techniques combined so well.

Usually, the problem with intermittent fasting is that people find it tough to stay persistent with their goals.

And drift away from their purpose and as a result, give up too soon.

But with a combination of intermittent fasting and direct hypnosis, losing weight becomes easier than ever…

This training will benefit you…

This program will benefit all hypnotherapists who intend to scale their business and help clients to lose weight successfully.

It works even if,

Your clients are resistant to intermittent fasting – but, wholeheartedly want to reduce weight … Because I will teach you my successful direct hypnosis techniques for weight-loss so you can use them apart from the combination with I.F. as well.

Remember! You’re solving two problems at the same time—Psychological problems and dietary habits.

This program will equip you with enough techniques that will make you an expert hypnotherapist who can help clients get slimmer.

Why your clients are not achieving LASTING results...

If you’re like most hypnotherapists, some of your clients are unable to melt the love handles and that makes you sad…

No! It’s not entirely you, or the methods you use…

In fact, you could be using the best-known methods, but you might still be unable to transform the lives of all your clients.

The problem is most hypnotherapists are using only 1 approach for helping their clients reduce weight…

…Which could be useful for a few individuals but fall short of producing results for others.

The reason is, every individual we deal with has different dietary and psychological reasons that get them stuck in their unwanted health condition.

So it requires more than 1 or 2 approaches to tackle clients with different reasons and bring results for them…

This is one of the reasons to bring about this all-inclusive HypoFasting expert program.

Remember the more tricks (read methods) you have in your bag, the greater are the chances of you offering a solution that works!

So, What makes THIS Program Ultra-Unique?

This program promises to make you a HypnoFasting Expert who’d know the art of tackling clients with different complication levels.

Since every client is unique, no one solution fits them all.

Therefore, when you finish going through the course you’ll be equipped with enough techniques

…Hence, you’ll be able to help clients reduce weight – no matter how complicated the case may be.

  • You not only become a master hypnotherapist who helps clients reduce weight for once, but you’ll also become a Hypnofasting Expert that imprints concepts in customers’ minds that will stick with them for years -consequently, they get long-term results.
  • You can tackle complicated cases – often you will cater to clients that have failed in the past, but with your solution, they’ll become your brand ambassadors – and vouch for your services.

Without further ado, let’s learn what you will get when you sign up for a Training Program.

When you sign up for this program, you‘ll get access to…

  • Learn online at your own pace

  • Live online Q&A and practice session with Rob De Groof (date is set in consultation with the participants)

  • Lifetime access to an Online training platform (videos, training replays, documents, and manuals…)

  • Detailed explanation, outlines, example scripts of every single session

  • Audio hypnosis recordings (passive & active alert hypnosis) ready to use

  • Our special designed HypnoFasting Interactive Pre Talk video to be sure your clients are well prepared for the session.
  • Marketing materials (E-book give away, artwork, advertisement…) – Ready to use pdf’s en png files and editable templates

  • Ready to use webinar (presentation and editable template) to gain clients

  • You will become a member of our international team and clients can book a session with you through our website (

  • Official HypnoFasting Expert logo for your marketing

  • Access to practitioners’ community

  • Protocol Updates & New developments

  • Full support by myself and by Conny Wladkowski, our HypnoFasting Team Leader.


Now comes the Pricing…

I thought to price my coaching program much higher than it is because of my working experience, skills, knowledge, and results I have produced over the years.

But since helping people become the best at their work is my aim. I prized my packages to a bare minimum…

…That way anyone can afford it and become an HypnoFasting Expert, even in these challenging times

Online Video Training: € 447



Notice how insanely low the entry point is for the training?

You see, the training is priced the same amount as one client who buys the silver program!

Which means that after going through this training, you are only one paying client away from getting your entire investment returned!

How’s that for an offer?

YES! I want to become a HypnoFasting Expert

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