Wendy Gilbert-Grey

HypnoFasting Expert

Wendy Gilbert-Grey has established a number of businesses and worked as principal. Wendy launched a division of her company more than 20 years ago, that works with the mind body holistically, using skills as a practitioner of Quantum Energy Medicine frequency healing and extensive Hypnotherapy processes, NLP master practitioner, advanced PSYCH-K facilitator and also Biofield Tuning practitioner.

Wendy educates clients how to free the mind and become the master of their true beliefs, rather than a victim of their consequences. Wendy’s ambition is to empower people to make positive changes to their life and achieve their ultimate health goals. Wendy’s endeavours has been in the field of Holistic Healing graduating from IIN Integrative Nutrition New York 2016 and then to study in depth Hormone health and Gut health.

Wendy recently included to her practise teachings learnings and proven scientific findings in Biofield Mapping and hence, creating a new frontier in managing wellness with the latest horizons in assisting people to reach their ultimate goals and highest potential. Wendy is the Author of Deadly Choices a recently published book on reversing breast cancer.

  • In person sessions
  • Online sessions

  • English

  • Edgecliff – New South Wales – Australia


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