Samantha Chater

HypnoFasting Expert

Hi! I’m Samantha Chater, a fully qualified and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist. I’ve been working as a holistic therapist since 2006 and pride myself in being a caring and supportive client-led therapist. Helping clients change unhealthy habits, behaviours and the emotional associations attached they are then able to move towards their goals to get the results they desire.

Hypnotherapy has helped in my life over the years in many areas: * Having suffered with weight issues myself, intermittent fasting alongside hypnosis has been a game changer. The magic combination! * I was a big worrier. It helped me stop worrying so much about things I am not in control of the outcome or ‘may’ happen. I have improved sleep quality now I don’t ruminate. * Better emotional control * Gave me ways to reduce stress levels * Calmer parenting * Helping my eldest child with anxiety at school * Using hypnosis techniques helped me power through a very intense birth of my second son, who weighed an impressive 10lb 2oz! Only after the birth, realising that I’d not even thought of having pain relief during, as the techniques were so powerful.

Hypnofasting is a fantastic method for weight loss and improved health. I look forward to helping you reach your goal.

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