Janine Nash

HypnoFasting Expert

Janine Nash offers online appointments in any time zone in the world as well as face to face appointments in Collins St MELBOURNE and BERWICK Victoria.

Over the past 20 years Janine Nash has had experience or become qualified and certified as:- Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Trainer of TimeLine Therapy, International SleepTalk Practitioner, Educator of HypnoBirthing International – Mongon Method, Stress Management Consultant, OldPain2Go Practitioner, HypnoFasting Expert, Mediator, Case Manager, Child Protection Practitioner, Family Violence Expert, Parenting Expert, Behavior Expert, Drug and Alcohol Counselling, Forensic Counselling and Suicide prevention. Janine Nash is also the Creator of Trauma Direction Therapy.

Janine has spent a lifetime being passionate about helping people and being curious as to “why” someone would do something or behave in a certain way. She explains when she worked out the “why”, she then put a lot of thought into “what” she could do to help. That is why she has continued to study and continue to educate herself so she could help her clients the best way possible.

This is why she is so excited to be a Hypnofasting Expert as she continually sees the improvements her clients make after doing this program.

  • In person sessions
  • Online sessions

  • English

  • Berwick & Collins Street Melbourne – Victoria – Australia


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