Harold Hals

HypnoFasting Expert

After having struggled in my own life and after having emerged stronger than ever through educations as life-coach and hypnotherapist, I found out that a lot of people are going through exactly the same struggles I had.

Being a therapist provides me the possibility to help others re-discovering their true self… their optimal version, without further having to cope with old issues.

Hypnofasting, the power-combo, is exactly what people, who really WANT to change their body, their vitality, their clothing-style and entire life, need. No more shame, no more getting bullied, no more craving for an unhealthy way of eating… Sneak in and find out how hypnofasting CHANGES your life with nothing but benefits and get the life you DESERVE.

  • Online sessions

  • In Person

  • English – Dutch

  • 2020 Antwerp – Belgium


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