Among many methods, fasting, especially intermittent fasting, is considered to be the most effective and natural way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is mostly used to lose excess weight and detox the body of the impurities that are bad for our health. It has proved to be the best type of fasting for weight loss. Apart from weight loss, you can use it to reduce your stress levels, enhance the immune system, improve your memory, and a lot more.

The history of intermittent fasting

Fasting is a very common practice around the world. Humans have used it in different circumstances and for different reasons. This ancient practice has been in use for centuries in different cultures and religions. It was a significant aspect of healing treatments in many parts of the world. The great Greek scientist Hippocrates along with other Greek personas believed in the power of fasting in treating several ailments.

Modern intermittent fasting roots back to a long time before. It was a well-known therapeutic method to treat obesity since 1915 or even before. Since then many researchers and scientists have backed the practice of intermittent fasting for a better and more active lifestyle.

Intermittent fasting hypnosis

HypnoFasting is the best intermittent fasting for fat loss. Internationally renowned hypnotist Rob De Groof has combined hypnosis with intermittent fasting to create a great hypnotherapy for weight loss that offers several benefits along with losing weight. You can achieve a healthy weight, vigorous lifestyle, and other health benefits. It has no side effects whatsoever. Unlike other weight loss methods, it teaches you how to acquire a habit without spending a lot of time or money.

Why is Hypnosis & fasting the best intermittent fasting weight loss plan?

Hypnosis trains the mind to discipline itself to follow the intermittent fasting program more efficiently. In 16:8 e.g. you are advised to take 2 meals in a day within 8 hours and fast for 16 hours. You can eat your regular meals or switch to healthier foods for faster effects. The willpower of the user becomes stronger, and users can follow the fasting plan for the long run without any difficulties.

Benefits of hypnosis intermittent fasting

The benefits of hypnosis intermittent fasting are countless.

  • The calorie intake is reduced, and it is lower than the expenditure. It pushes the body to lose weight swiftly.
  • More ketones and fewer carbohydrates are burned with the metabolic acceleration. It causes the body to recover cells faster than usual, thus causing an anti-aging effect on the body.
  • The risks of many diseases such as type-2 diabetes, oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s, cancer, inflammation, and more are reduced
  • Muscles recover a lot faster after exercising.

Follow Rob De Groof’s hypnosis intermittent fasting plans for easy and effective execution.